Refresher Course:

Driving Lessons Hull;

Feeling the need to "Refresh" your driving skills after a break from driving or simple lack of practice has become more common in recent years.   We have successfully helped many drivers to regain their confidence in order to cope with modern, busy road conditions. Driving can become enjoyable as well as a neccessity! We offer structured training on a pay-as-you-go basis, as opposed to expensive, unnecessary bulk buy courses! When you feel confident enough to go it alone then you should try.

Motorway Tuition:

Before the Pass Plus course was introduced, motorway tuition was often simply not offered after the test was passed!

In recent times we have seen the results of self-taught motorway drivers. Again, just a few hours professional tuition can make all the difference!  Timing and judgement can be seriously altered at the high speeds required for safe motorway journeys.    There are many rules, traffic signs and safety checks that are unique to motorway driving.    These necessary skills can be taught to all qualified drivers in only a few hours.

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