Getting Started

Applying for a Provisional Licence

You can apply for your provisional licence either online or in person at your local post office.

To apply online for your provisional driving licence go to GOV.UK. Alternatively, you can apply for your provisional licence by completing the D1 application form, available at your local Post Office.

To apply for your provisional driving licence, you need to:

  • Turn 17 within 3 months (but you need to wait until your birthday before you can drive on the road)

  • Have a valid proof of identity

  • Live in the UK

  • Give all addresses where you’ve lived over the last three years

  • Be able to read a new-style number plate from 20 metres or an old-style number plate form 20.5 metres

  • Not be prevented from driving for any reason

  • Be able to pay £50 by debit or credit card

The DVLA will try to send you your provisional within 3 weeks of receiving your application although it can take longer if your health or personal details have to be checked. In the meantime, brush up on your Highway Code.

Remember – you will need your new licence to arrive prior to your driving lesson.


Check your eyes


Before you start learning, make sure you can read a number plate in good daylight from 20.5 metres away – that's about five car lengths. For the new-style number plates the distance is 20 metres. If you wear glasses or contacts, that's fine. Just make sure you always wear them when driving.

Get your 'L' plates


When you're learning, you'll need to put 'L' plates (or 'D' plates in Wales) on the front and back of your car – somewhere they can be seen easily. And you're only allowed to drive with someone who's passed their test, is over 21 and has been driving for three years or more.

Your 'L' plates also have to meet legal specification - so buy them rather trying to knock some up yourself. Whenever the car is driven by someone who’s passed, the plates need to come off or be covered up.



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